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Tri River ridership could exceed 70,000

HAMLIN - Tri River Transit, the multi-county bus and transportation company, headquartered in Lincoln County, is on target for a bumper year in terms of ridership.

Speaking to The Lincoln Journal last week, Executive Director Paula Smith explained that the number of passengers riding the company’s fleet increased significantly this year.

During the 2010 calendar year, 56,458 passengers used Tri River. However, by the end of September 2011, the nine month total for the year was 51,041. Smith explained that the company could end up carrying 70,000 passengers during 2011.

Tri River Transit operates in Lincoln, Logan, Boone and Mingo Counties. The company has a fleet of 19 vehicles, including 13 buses. The company recently revealed a new livery for its fleet. Tri River employs 25 people and is headquartered at the Lincoln North Industrial Park outside Hamlin.

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